May 2-4-1: Beautiful God and Grocery Store Lines

Welcome to a brand new segment of my blog. It’s called the 2-4-1, where you get two peices of advice for one low price. These two topics may be completely unrelated. One may be serious, the other funny. You may hate one and love the other–or hate both, it’s completely your choice.

The topics for April are Beautiful God and Avoiding the Turtle at the Grocery Store.

Beautiful God

My hero, Jon Acuff, recently wrote a blog post about the beauty of God. It’s one of those articles that I consumed in about 5 minutes but am still thinking about many weeks later. God’s work is beautiful, and no one told him how to do it.

I wish I could take complete credit for the projects that I complete. But the truth is that everything I create has been inspired (ok, stolen) by another person’s idea or creation. Even if my work turns out to be beautiful, I wasn’t the one who originally dreamed up the ideas and the plans.

I can bake pretty good chocolate chip cookies, but I have to follow a recipe. On the flip side, I serve the God who created beauty. When God puts on his designer’s hat, he forms and shapes things with intricacies and details that we could have never imagined, nor understand.

God didn’t have to make beautiful sunsets (they could have resembled the light switch in my house). God didn’t have to give birds a song to sing every morning. God didn’t have to commit to creating over 7 Billion different sets of fingerprints. God didn’t have to extend the details of his design into the molecular world. Likewise, God didn’t have to create expansive galaxies, so large that even our most powerful telescopes will never reach the edge of God’s creation (could you imagine reaching the edge of creation, just like you reach the edge of a map in a video game).

God didn’t HAVE to create beautiful things. Instead, God CHOSE to set the bar for beauty–and he set it really high! Let me encourage you to enjoy, and appreciate, and maybe even mimic God’s beauty. Revel in the beauty that surrounds you and know that you were created by an amazing and powerful God who loves you more than you could ever imagine!


What do you find beautiful? What beautiful things have you created?

Avoiding the Turtle at the Grocery Store

We’ve all been there. You’ve got 3 minutes to spare, 5 lines to choose from and you park your cart in the SLOWEST line on Earth.

Have no fear, an expert is here!

Like ’em or not, here are three simple rules I’ve developed to help ease the pain of your next shopping trip. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to avoid the slow lines at the grocery store, thus increasing the time you have to pursue more worthwhile things; like building a successful business, ending world hunger, discovering a cure for cancer, or taking your dog for a run!

  1. Multi-Generation Cart Loads: Family reunions are a great thing, but they almost never work out at the grocery store. If you see Momma chasing a baby, kids playing jungle gym on the shopping cart, AND Grandma doing donuts in the hoverround, RUN AWAY!
  2. The Coupon Lady: Coupons aren’t the problem here. If someone lays a couple coupons on the conveyor belt, you’ve got nothing to fear. The problem occurs when you spot the lady with a COUPON CATALOG. These are the pros. They know every price, every discount, every trick. If something rings up wrong, they will stop at nothing to get it fixed. You get behind this person and you are NEVER leaving the store!
  3. The Diet Soda Cart: I’ll admit that these ones are tempting. You scan the line and it looks innocent enough. You think, “All they’ve got is 50 boxes of diet soda, can’t take that long.”–and at that moment, you are wrong. These people are weird, there’s something wrong with them. At all costs, avoid the people that have a lifetime supply of diet soda in their cart.


Who should I watch out for at the grocery store?


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