College! What an exciting and controversial subject. On one shoulder we’ve got the fire breathing guidance counselor screaming “The only way to success is through a college education!” On the other shoulder we’ve got the cold, hard facts that tell us that almost have the people who start college never finish (2009 NCES IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey), or they taking WAY too long doing so. I know … it’s super nerdy to actually cite my sources–just wish I could add a picture of my high school counselor for proof of the fire breathing part.

The point that I want to get across is that college is NOT the only answer to a SUCCESSFUL CAREER. Notice that I didn’t say “College is not right for everyone.” Because that would imply that some people are just not cut out for college and they are doomed to flip hamburgers at Five Guys–at least 10X better than McDonald’s. The truth is that you may be on a great path to success and college simply isn’t part of your plans. If the right plan for you means skipping college, then that is at least 10X better than trudging through a couple years of school only to drop out; wasting thousands of dollars and precious years of your life.

Now that I’ve got all my college hatin’ out of the way, I’ll fill you in on what this article is all about. This is the beginning of my college series where I provide an introduction of what’s to come. Confused yet?

If you’re reading this in present day then the following is a teaser of what’s to come on the Coffee Table Consulting blog. If you’re reading this in the year 35743, then I’m long dead (ouch) but my writing must have been pretty spectacular to last that long. Anyways . . .

  • College? Check yes or no: Learn the pros and cons of a college education. Is it right for you? Should you go? What can you benefit from it?
  • Prep School – Prepare yourself for college: You’ll save thousands of dollars if you show up prepared for college. Learn what you need to set a strong foundation and streamline the path to your dreams.
  • Select Thy Major: Replacing the “e” with a “y” sounds so much more important. But seriously, you’re gonna put a lot of time into this venture. You need to find something that you enjoy and that makes you money!
  • School Shopping: University visits make you feel like a ROCK STAR! Let’s find the right school without the rock star hangover.
  • Graduate. CHECK!: Easily, the funnest part about college is the chance to graduate and use your newfound skillz. I’ll walk you through some of the challenges leading up to graduation and beyond!

Like I’ve said, college is not for everyone and it is DEFINITELY not the only path to a successful career. I hope that tone is clear throughout the articles I write. My goal is to help you plan the path to success (and money), not to help you achieve a B.S. in worthlessness.


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